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First off I’ll give you some watercolors I did over the 4th July weekend (God Bless America) and then an explanation for the long delay of an update!

photo1 photo2 photo3

It’s crazy how time flies. I can’t believe I haven’t kept up this page. At least I didn’t wait an entire year to update it! So I guess you either want to know what I have been up to or maybe you don’t care, but this is where I am going to tell you.

So after graduating in May 2013 from the University of Idaho, I tried to get some teaching jobs. I had to opt out of the world of Academia and pursue the world of paying bills. I decided to move down to Denver CO to take a job that will pay the bills and give me some time to pursue my art endeavors.

I have an art show in Sioux Falls SD at Augustana College in Sept. The reception is Sept 26th if you happen to be in the area, please stop by!

I also had total knee reconstructive surgery so that has sort of taken me out of the game. Which game you ask……all of them.

On the road again…

So my seasonal job is about over. I’ve decided to do alittle escape with a trip to Idaho and a hunting trip to South Dakota. I am on the road from Idaho to SD now. I was able to visit with some of my mentors, art grads new and old, and some of my favorite people. It was a much needed escape as my search for what I am going to do and where I will living stretches on. Devon Mozdierz was kind enough to let me use her studio (my old studio) to start and finish a big painting.


Here’s a small piece i finished last week.



SO I have a website under construction that allows you to view artwork more easily. That website will be under the domain This blog will now be under the domain name All of this will be taking place in the next week or two. The new website right now is under the domain: Please check it out

Rachel Smith

I just added my friend Rachel Smith to my links section. She does some amazing collage work and probably some stuff I don’t even know about! She is also Paperpath at etsy. Check her out:


So here I am, updating my site. I am currently building a new website that will showcase my work, resume, and other info. I will keep this site which will I also updated all of my paintings that I did for my thesis show. Not all of them were in the show, but I made a bunch of paintings. So you can check those out on the painting section. I also posted some of the paintings that didn’t make it into the show on this post, Please enjoy and be prepared for some change.

"You're Not Stubburn"

"Nobody, Not Even the Rain"

"Cries of the Past"

"Grey Skies Turn Blue"

"Leave Us and Forget Us"

"Coming Down is Calming Down"

"Stars and Boulevards"

"This Wasn't Our Plan"

Update on Life!

So I am no longer a college student. The past 8 years has been great, and sheltered in the safety bubble called college. In college you always have a place to go next fall, you always get student discounts. I am in a student discount free zone now.

It may take a few posts to completely update what I have been up and express my future plans, but I am finally sitting down to do it.

It’s difficult to write about because I don’t know what I will be doing or living a month from now, so I will just begin with the past two months.

After I graduated with my Master’s in Fine Arts I traveled to North Dakota, my home state. I was planning on just working for the summer and looking for teaching jobs at colleges all over the state and just work when I was free. After an interview and a 2nd interview I was informed the position was no longer a position at that school. They could have, however, informed me of that right away instead of leaving me hanging for 2 months. So, I have been working for Jerry’s Services, spraying weeds for the oil fields. It’s my 4th summer, but this year I don’t have a plan, so now I am currently looking for jobs. I think job hunting would be fun, if I was a graphic designer! There aren’t very many jobs a painting or printmaker can apply for, that I have found anyway. So right now I am looking for marketing jobs. I have a business degree that I can rely on, but the past 3 years of grad school and teaching has provided me more than enough experience to fit right into many jobs. Denver Colorado is the place I am looking, but I am keeping my options open at the same time. It’s a very sobering feeling to be jobless and homeless, but I guess that’s what transition is all about.

I have plenty of opportunity to work in North Dakota and I am very thankful for those people offering me the chance, but I don’t think this place is for me. I grew up here and I love it, but I have changed and so has my hometown. I don’t think it’s a place where I can be completely happy after spending the past 8 years away and seeing the world. There aren’t coffee shops, the towns aren’t planned to walk from point A to point B. I hate to say it, but its too conservative for me, and I may be naive about it, but even though there is plenty of money in the area, its not a place to sell art, especially art that I want to be making. Living here even for the summer gives me a sense of entrapment, and i need my freedom.

So I guess that’s it. I went to a few bachelor parties and weddings, but other than that I have been working and job searching. North Dakota will always be my home and I love the people here, my family and friends, but this is a declaration to get out of here.


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